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Lashes Lace and Lipstick
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Summer-Proof" Your Makeup in 3 Easy Steps!!!

Hey There!

But First...
So I know I have been pretty silent the past two weeks which I feel super bad about. Life has happened and I just needed to take some time to focus on it I guess. I have also been working on learning how to code a template for my blog. The new template is coming along nicely and I can wait to get it up and going. Between life, learning to code templates, and also completely revamping my business website...I've just had no time to blog. I am way super sorry!!!

And now for the good stuff!

Achieving long lasting and flawless makeup during the summer months is a struggle most of us can relate to. It's just not cute to look like your face is melting #thestruggleisreal #wickedwitchofthewest . I've got a few tips and tricks for you to keep your makeup in place and looking fresh! Have no fear...Jordan is here!!!

Priming not only helps minimize the appearance of pores, but it also aides in keeping the products on your face. A nice silicone based face primer (i.e. smashbox photoready or maybelline babyskin) works great in keeping oil production from ruining everything. Have oily eyelids that get even worse during summer...I do! Always use an eyeshadow primer to make your shadows stick.

Even my dry and normal skin type girls seem to experience issues with fighting sweat and abnormal oil production. I always suggest going for products that are geared toward fighting oil production. It all starts with your skincare routine. Find a good oil free moisturizer to use before applying makeup. This will assist in keeping this issue at bay. Also, go for water based foundations and products that focus on mattifying. Doing this will play a huge part with keeping your makeup looking great in the heat. Another little trick, if your favorite mascara has a waterproof formula, switch to that one for the hotter seasons. This will reduce the likelihood of having raccoon eyes mid day.

Most women who aren't very familiar with makeup give me the funniest look when I mention a setting spray. Then they roll their eyes because it's another step to add to their routine. But ladies, you got to do what you got to do. Whether you decide to set your makeup with a face powder, setting spray, or doesn't matter just set your makeup. You wouldn't send a soldier to war without a weapon and you shouldn't send your makeup without some kind of setting spray or powder. Okay so maybe that is a really super dramatic analogy but still, you get the point. This also goes along with #2 as well. They have both mattifying powders and sprays out there. I personally do both (set with powder and spray). If you want a solid and reliable spray, try out Model in a Bottle. You can order it online HERE. This stuff is me...I'm a doctor. Ok not really but I use this in my bridal makeup kit and everyone loves this it!

With these simple 3 steps, you will be setting your makeup up for success and sparing yourself the embarrassment of a melting face and raccoon eyes. Be sure to follow me on bloglovin for some more awesome sauce beauty related reviews, tutorials, and pro makeup artist tricks!!!

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