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Lashes Lace and Lipstick
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes - Wedding Makeup Edition Volume 1

Hey There!!!

So last weekend I had the privilege to do the makeup for the now Mrs. Gilbreath. I am a tad late on getting this posted but I was on set all day Monday and I have been pulling extra time in the office to make up those missed hours. I was lucky enough to have my assistant, Marisa, take pictures of the day for me and I thought you would like to see a little behind the scenes action along with some before and afters! Marisa did a wonderful job at taking these pictures. I'd love to link you to her blog but she doesn't have one *rolls eyes* (but I'm working on getting her to start one).

I gave a little sneak peak on Monday's Weekend Recap but I am super excited to show you more!

Our setup consisted of a window seal, my traincase, and small caddy to hold my brushes. I've sort of become a pro at getting the most out of small setup spaces. I come across this situation way more than you would think.

Just a few action shots :)

And now for some before and afters. I am a sucker for a good before and after. Now, Im not posting any of the bride. I don't like to post the Bride's picture without both her hair and makeup done on anything and we didn't get a chance to get a picture after she was completely ready as it was a very hectic morning. If I get an after shot from her I will make sure to update this post!

Well I hoped you like this. Let me know if you would like to see more of these kinds of posts. Be sure to follow me on bloglovin for more awesome sauce beauty related posts..just do know you want to :)

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