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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#ShareBeauty - My Beauty Story!

#ShareBeauty with Regency Beauty Institute

Hey There!

So I come to you guys today with a really awesome story and purpose. There is this super rad campaign going on right now called the #ShareBeautyContest. I have joined this campaign that is hosted by Regency Beauty Institute with Refinery29 with the goal of celebrating beauty and the people who make it. Regency Beauty Institute is one of the leading cosmetology school in the nation that takes innovative approaches to learning and aids their students in turning their creativity into a beautiful career. Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery29 wants to create a movement that celebrates beauty as a creative career and a gift that matters and has a positive effect on our world. This is something that I relate very closely with seeing as how I am a Makeup Artist and big deal.

Along with encouraging you to join the #ShareBeauty movement, I want to share my story of how beauty has played such a huge role in my life. Why is this campaign so important to me? I am a huge believer in following your dreams. Call me crazy but what is the point of life itself if we are not happy. How are we suppose to be happy when we throw away the things that make us happy for what society tells us is more traditional or better. How many of you know someone who has an amazing gift but was pressured away from their gift and toward a more traditional career. I encourage everyone to check out the Regency Beauty Institute video called "Beauty Grew All Around". The "Beauty Grew All Around" video is the tale of a girl who makes the most of her beauty gift and turns it into an amazing career that impacts the world around her.

Be sure to share this video with any and everyone...especially any of the beauty makers in your life.

As a little girl, I was always told I could be anything I wanted as long as I worked hard for it but as I got older it seemed like what everyone meant by saying that is, I could be anything I wanted to be as long as it went along with what society said I should do. That didn't work for me. As early as I could remember, I loved all things beauty. I actually asked my mom when I began writing this if she always knew I had a gift for creating beauty and if so, how and when she knew. Apparently I have "always been pretty FeFe except for that awkward stage when you were 8...that just wasn't a cute time for you". Got to love honesty. Thanks mom. Point being, I have always loved beauty. Whether it was playing dress up, cutting my Barbie's hair into uneven bobs or "pixie cuts", or sneaking into my moms bathroom to use her concealer as foundation and lipstick as eyeshadow, I have always loved it.

It wasn't until I was 19, living on my own and waiting tables full time, and constantly dwelling on what in the heck I was going to do with my life when I realized that the answer had been right in front of me all along. I had started doing beauty youtube videos in my spare time and it had opened me up to this whole new world of people who actually did makeup for a living. Sure I knew that it was possible but I just didn't know how obtainable it was. Could I seriously be a makeup artist in real life???

I no longer do youtube videos due to lack of time over the past 4 years but they are what actually inspired me to start school to be a licensed esthetician. That year was a long one but totally worth it. I learned so much and had my eyes opened up to a whole new world *cue Aladdin and his magic carpet* of makeup and skincare. I also learned what hard work is like and how sweet it feels to reach your goals. I went to school 5 days a week full time and waited tables 6-7 days a week at night. I still had bills to pay and there were times I had no clue how in the heck I was going to make it but I did. It sounds super lame but it really was my passion for what I was doing that got me through that year.

For about 2 years I tried the esthetician life working in a high end salon and 2 spas. I did both skincare and bridal makeup for the high end salon until I received a job offer to be the esthetician and spa manager at a small spa. I loved that job so much as well as the amazing women I worked with. I was doing really well and I was beginning to build a pretty strong clientele there as well. There was one problem, the owner. After a long inner struggle, I decided to seek employment elsewhere do to business practices that went against my moral beliefs. It was a decision I did not want to make. I began working for another spa that I was equally unhappy with. I missed makeup, I missed my dream, I missed my passion. I had lost sight of the goal. It took the owner of this spa lecturing me for 15 mins about her disappointment in my helium balloon purchasing abilities to realize I needed to get back on track.

I was offered a position at my Dad's company full time and it was the perfect opportunity for me to focus on starting a bridal makeup business. Fast forward to a little over a year later (right now) and here I am. No my business isn't some multi million dollar company (one day) but it is growing everyday and I couldn't be happier with the progress it has made.

If I hadn't made the decision to go against the norm and follow my dreams to create beauty I would be absolutely miserable. I just know it. I wish more girls who love beauty as I do would follow their dreams. The road might not be the easiest at times but it is SO SO SO worth it. Once again, I invite you to join the #ShareBeautyContest and show the world your love, passion, and talent by clicking HERE to learn more. Share beauty and keep this  conversation alive by tagging and sharing posts about beauty with #ShareBeauty. Also, comment below with your story!

1. Each week during this contest (running from July 8th-August 13th) a Refinery29 editor will introduce her favorite summer beauty trend. This will be your inspiration! Show them how YOU wear this look!
2. After the contest, one beauty enthusiast will win a VIP Beauty Treatment from Refiner29 and Regency Beauty Institute that is valued at $2,000. (HOLY COW!)
3. One trend for inspiration will be revealed each Monday until August 13th.

1. Try one (or all) of the trends
2. Take a photo
3. Post it to Instagram (make sure your account is public!)
4. Hashtag each photo with #ShareBeautyContest

Some entries will even be selected to be featured on Regency's website! How cool is that? You can also uplaod as many tagged beauty trends as you would get to snappin'

Are you ready to #ShareBeauty???

*This blog post is sponsored by Regency Beauty Institute

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