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Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Monday + Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Ya'll!

 I had quite an eventful weekend this past weekend. On top of two trial runs this weekend, I also helped coordinate a fun little surprise party for my Mom's 50th birthday on Saturday. Although I am super busy right now and sometimes it seems like I just want to give up and take a nap I really am so lucky. My fall wedding makeup season is filling up and I'm already starting to get inquiries for the 2015 spring and fall wedding seasons! This means two things: 1. My 7 day work weeks will be continuing 2. My business is actually growing! How cool is that??? Although I still have far to go, I am already proud of where I am at with everything.

 I totally forgot to do before and afters of my brides this weekend...I was super disappointed. I am waiting for my Sunday bride, Kathy, to send me some of her engagement pictures she had taken yesterday and I will hopefully be posting those for all of you to see.

 Before I show you guys the pictures from my mom's surprise party I just want to give you guys a heads up on what is happening here in the Lashes, Lace, and Lipstick blog world this week!

 //Keep a look out for my July Favorites post this week. I will have all of my beauty related and a few non beauty related favorites from the month of July.

//I will also be doing a post on my beauty inspirations. I want to give you guys a little insight on where I draw my inspiration from as a beauty maker and what/who lead me to where I am today.

//I am also looking for some blogging gals who would like to do a banner swap with me. Whether you are a beauty, fashion, or lifestyle blog idc. I am wanting to get my blog out there more in the blogging world and I would also like to team up with some other awesome bloggers doing the same thing. So, if you are interested in doing a swap, comment below or email me or tweet me (just get in touch with me so we can set it up).

 And now for some fun pics of my mom's surprise bday party. Marisa has the picture of her walking through the door on her camera so I don't have that for you but I do have some other fun pics of the evening. My mom had a great time and was honestly surprised. As of Tuesday, she will be 50 and fabulous as opposed to the previous year in which she was 49 and freaking out because she is almost 50.

Here are my lovely aunts and my mom!

I thought this was a clever idea...thank you pinterest!

Of course there was a bucket of wouldn't be a family party if there wasn't.

My mom and two of my aunts

My mom was so happy (and a little tipsy)

She's looking fabulous for 50!!!

Marisa and I trying to take a pictures with eachother (I'm clearly asking her what she is doing)

We clearly can't be serious...ever!

My beautiful mother and I. 

I am so glad she had a great surprise birthday party!
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