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Friday, July 18, 2014

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

So I was doing my usual twitter creep routine and I came across a beauty blogger, Caledonian Kitty, who decided to start a "Confessions of a Beauty Blogger" Tag and it seemed pretty cool so I decided to join in! Side note that has nothing to do with anything: Am I the only one who, when hearing/reading the word confessions, is graced by the musical styling of Usher for the rest of the whole dang day??? I can't be the only one! Usher isn't bad or anything, he is just not my first choice when faced with a song stuck in my head ya know. 

Okay, back to the point...

Q1, How long have you been a Beauty Blogger?

1.5 months. I am a baby blogger I know. I actually use to do youtube videos about 4 years ago but I had to give them up due to going to school full time and working full time at the same time. No spare time whatsoever. I missed spreading my love for makeup and beauty so I thought blogging would be a better alternative for me :)

Q2, Do you ever get to the point where you want to delete your Blog, if so, why?

No, not yet. This is still very new and exciting for me so I really haven't gotten to that point in my blogging where it becomes a hassle. I'm sure there will be a few moments along the road that I will contemplate it but not any time soon I hope.

Q3, What's your most annoying habit?

This is a loaded question lol It honestly depends on who you ask. I don't know if it is really considered a habit but more of a personality flaw that has been complained about by multiple people in my life. I'm kind of really introverted in real life. Weird profession for an introvert to choose huh? I just like to be alone sometimes (more than most people) and I can be really hard to get in touch with. It's not that I don't like the person calling me (most of the time) or texting me that I don't answer/call back/respond is that sometimes I just don't want to talk to anyone. I like to be alone in my thoughts. There are times that I need solitude and silence to recharge my mind, body, and spirit and that is super hard to do when you are trying to hold a conversation with someone. My boyfriend gets so annoyed with me because I absolutely hate talking on the phone for the most part. If I'm having my me time and you call and I actually've got 5 mins tops and you better talk fast lol

Q4, Do you get annoyed that brands/companies will often go to more popular Beauty Bloggers to review their products? 

Not really. It's just business. If you had a product you wanted to promote, you are going to go for the blog that is going to reach the most people and make them the most money. Of course I would like to see them promote the smaller blogs more and give them a chance but if you think about just the $$$ and business aspect, its totally understandable. 

Q5, Have you been to a Bblogger meet up?

No I have not. I live in GA so if anyone knows of any going on, I would love to go!

Q6, What brand would you say was overrated? 

AHHHH this is a hard one. I have 2 brands. One is understandable and the other is considered the holy grail of makeup. 1.Benefit, I have never really found anything from that line that hasn't already been done and/or has a better substitute from another brand. There is honestly really no need for it. 2.MAC, okay go ahead and hate me but MAC is overrated in every sense of the word. Do they have a large variety of colors with good color pay off? Yes, but so do another 100 brands out there and they are usually cheaper. Why spend $14 on one eyeshadow when you can spend $5 and get the same or even better quality? You are paying for the name people. Don't even get me started about what it does to people's skin. I refer to MAC as MACne because that is exactly what it gives you. Do I hate MAC? No. Do I think it is overrated and not worth the money b/c you can totally find something better most of the time for a fraction of the cost? Yes.

Q7, What brand would you say is underrated?

Wet n' Wild. It is known for the cheap prices but I don't think many people really appreciate its the quality to price ratio. 

Q8, What are your phobias?

Snakes. I hate them. 

Q9, Which parts of your body are fake? (ie lashes, extensions)

Nothing really, I have a few highlights in my hair and I wear false lashes occasionally but for the most part I am pretty natural.

Q10, Least Fave part of your body?

My stomach. It's not nearly as toned as it should be and I honestly could stand to loose a few or more pounds.

Q11, Do you find keeping your blog up to date expensive?

Not really. I am still pretty new so I haven't gotten to the point of really spending money on it. My products I review are bought with my money but I was going to purchase them for myself anyways so I don't really count them as an expense. I have paid for one sidebar ad and It was super cheap and has actually gotten me some new followers. totally worth it.

Q12, Do you think some of the more popular Beauty Bloggers are overrated (not mentioning names)?

There are some that are very popular and I don't necessarily see why but I'm sure someone will eventually feel the same way of my blog. It is just how the world works

Q13, Are you an honest reviewer? 

Yes. I take pride in what I do. Whether I am giving my opinion of a product to my clients or on my blog I will not lead any of them in the wrong direction just for personal gain. My clients and followers trust me and to lose their trust would completely ruin my goal to spread beauty and knowledge.

Q14, What attracts you to reading a Blog Post?

I am usually drawn to the subject manner of the blog. If the title of the blog is about something I am not interested in, I usually skip over it.

Q15, Who's your Male/Female crush at the moment?

My boyfriend. He's the cutest :)

Q16, Is there a product that you have bought recently that you won't be buying again?

I bought a concealer from loreal that was way too dark for my skintone. Usually this would not deter me from not trying out another shade but this happened to be the lightest shade in the line. Also, I just didn't like how heavy it sat on my skin. It was the visible lift blur one. I was really disappointed in it so no repurchase for me.

I really like this tag. Be sure to check CaledonianKitty out and link back to her if you do this tag! Also, let m know too. I would love to see your answers :) Feel free to use my graphic I made for it if you would like!

Let's #backthatazzup with Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants and jam out to Usher's Confessions b/c it is still stuck in my head!

Confessions by Usher on Grooveshark

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