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Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Ya'll!!!

I haven't done a Weekend Recap linkup with Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design in a few weeks so I thought I would do one today!

(action shot!)

So this weekend was kind of easy going as opposed to next weekend which will be super busy and filled with tons of makeup trial runs. I did do wedding makeup on Sunday which I have posted some sneak peek pics on this post that I took of the beautiful bride. I will do a full post (and possible bridal tutorial) once I get her professional pics in. Fall wedding season is quickly approaching and I will definitely be full of wedding makeup posts! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I've been really slammed with my full time job and I've been working late a lot. Between that, working on fun blog stuff, and doing wedding makeup during the weekend, I have been pretty exhausted mentally and physically. I got to leave an hour early on Friday and decided to take a quick nap when I got home while I waited for my boyfriend to get off work later that evening. Closing my eyes for 5 mins quickly turned into a 3 and a half hour nap. IT.WAS.AMAZING.

Once I awoke from my drooling slumber, I went to go hang out with my boyfriend. By hang out I mean we watched tv for like an hour and we passed out by 11pm. We are real party animals ya know. I guess we were both pooped b/c we didn't wake up until noon Saturday. We had planned on waking up early, cooking breakfast, and being productive but all of that went out of the window with the whole waking up at noon thing. Instead we went to Barnes n Noble like the nerds we are and looked at new books to add to our read list. I am about half way through Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and I am debating on what to read next. It is a tie between Fountainhead by Ayn Rand or 1984 by George Orwell. I am loving Ayn Rand's writing style so I am leaning towards Fountainhead. Only problem, like Atlas Shrugged, the novel is soooo long. Atlas Shrugged on audiobook is 64 hours long if that gives you an idea. It is an AMAZING book and completely eye opening to what society is turning into. She was well ahead of her time as was George Orwell. Don't get me started on my views on society, I will go on and on. If you have already read 1984, like the subject manner, would like to hear a women's portrayal, and are willing to commit to a long Atlas Shrugged. It will change your life.

We then got sushi for dinner, treated ourselves to iced coffees from Starbucks for dessert (gotta get them stars!), and I came home to work some more and get ready for my Sunday wedding makeup. Once again, I'm a really party animal!

I did the makeup for an absolutely beautiful bride on Sunday. She just so happened to be getting married 5 mins from my house which was way super convenient! She was a joy to work for and she looked dang good if I do say so myself!

This is the before picture I took at her trial run a week ago and the right pic is her wedding day makeup!

And these are some more (unedited!) pics I took with my phone of her wedding day makeup!

 She looked amazing! The lash glue on the right pic hadn't completely dried so that is why you see a little white on her lashes. I can't wait to get her professional pics in!

Well that was my weekend. Next weekend will be much more eventful so definitely look out for that weekend recap :)

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