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Lashes, Lace, and Lipstick

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Lashes Lace and Lipstick
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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Summer Tag!

It's Friday...Thank Goodness! Georgina over at Makeup-Pixi3 created this super fun Summer Tag and I figured it would be fun.  Hope you enjoy the tag and please feel free to answer the questions over on your blog if you have one... or just go on about summer in the comments if not!

1.  What's your favorite thing about Summer?
Definitely not the heat! I'm actually a huge fan of winter to be honest. It is of my opinion that you can always add more layers if you are cold, but there is only so much you can take off if you are hot until it is no longer socially acceptable and you are on the sex offenders list. If I had to pick a favorite thing about summer, I would have to say yard sales. I'm such a nerd I know but yard sale season is in full swing during the summer and I love a great deal...and opportunity to craft :)

2.  Do you have a favorite Summer drink?
Its a tie between strawberry lemonade and peach milkshakes. I'm a sucker for both during the summer months. Honorable mention - Sweet Tea. I'm from Georgia and If I didn't at least mention it, I would be shunned by anyone southern.

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Charleston, SC/Folly Beach. If you've never been...go. You will love it I promise.

4.  Favorite makeup look for Summer?
I love incorporating golds and bronzes into my summer looks. They just go so well with the season.

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Dresses! I love maxi dresses but sundresses are adorable too. I don't love wearing shorts and dresses are very forgiving for my body shape. 

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
Sandals. It gets HOT during Georgia summers so the more body parts out and airing, the better.

7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
Well,  I'd wear it up every day but I just look funny with it up. It just doesn't work for my face, so I wear it down most days unless its just too humid or I'm having a seriously bad hair day.

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
Smokey eyes all the way! I love the look of bold lips but they just don't work out on me as well as they do most people. I look best with a bronze or gold smokey eye and a nude lip.

9.  Favorite perfume for Summer?
Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture all the way!

10.  Last but not least, favorite music for Summer?
I love all kinds of music. During the summer, I find myself listening to a lot of chill indie music. Right now, there is an Atlanta based band called Mood Rings that I cant get enough of. Check them out here and here

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