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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap!!!

Happy Monday!!!

I've been really into finding new blogs to follow and different link ups to participate. They are really fun and a great way to meet new people in the blogging community. Today, I decided to do the "Weekend Recap" link up hosted by Dateless in Dallas and Showered with Design.

This weekend was a long one...let me tell you. It was filled with good music, makeup, good food, and a lot of driving. I also learned that I am physically capable of staying up for 36 hours straight. (I wouldn't recommend it though)


My Boyfriend and I had plans to see our favorite local band, Mood Rings, at this pretty cool dive bar in Atlanta called 529. Before we got there we decided to go to Apres Diem. If you are ever in midtown and want a Bada** seafood pasta, try it out. Bada** seafood pasta aside, they also sell Crispin (my favorite cider ale ever) on draft. I've never had it on draft until I tried it here and I LOVE it. 

Mood Rings are our favorite local band. They are amazing. I can understand if they arent everyones cup of tea but they really are very talented. You just have to keep an open mind when listening to them. The first time I heard them I was pretty confused but after listening to them more and more...I got hooked. They also put on a great show. Want to check them out (because you really should) click here or here.

Two other bands, The Eastern Sea and Wild Moccasins, played with the Mood Rings. They were awesome as well. After TES's set, I got to take a picture with some of the guys. They were way super nice!

After the Mood Rings set, I got a chance to talk to the lead singer and then this happened...

Yep, that is a screenshot of their facebook post from that night. Yep, they even posted it on instagram as well. Even though that is a TERRIBLE pic of me, I'm still kind of fangirling about it.

After we left the show, we decided to go to this burger place called Cookout Burger. I had never even heard of it before but apparently they are in south georgia and other states. I will definitely be going back there again, it was delicious!!!

Obviously we had a pretty long night, much longer than I had expected it to be (totally worth it though). By the time we drove back from ATL and I got back to my house it was already 3:30 am. This was not good because my makeup assistant and I was to leave my house promptly at 5 am for wedding makeup 2 hours away. The show started pretty early and I had not expected to be out that late or I never would have gone. I still had to get ready to work...I was freaking out. I took a 20 min. cat nap, woke up, got ready at an unusually fast rate, and Marisa and I were off (coffee and multiple caffeinated beverages in hand.)


After our 2 hour drive, we arrived at the hair salon that my bride was having everyone get ready at. I loved bringing Marisa along as my assistant. She is not only great at keeping everything sanitary, organized, and smooth...but she takes some damn good pictures as well :) I'm still working on them, but here is a little sneak peak just for Weekend Recap sake. I should have a post with all the pics up sometime this week.

We had very limited space...a window seal to be exact.

That is yours truly airbrushing the Mother of the Groom

Once again, that is me working on the Bride, Ashley.

Beautiful Mother of the Bride!

I can't wait to show you guys all of the pics. I've got some amazing before and afters so definitely keep an eye out for that post.

After doing makeup for almost 5 hours, Marisa and I decided to stop by a cute little mexican restaurant on Broad Street in Rome. We were about to fall over and die and a little food recovery was totally necessary.

This is Marisa trying not to fall asleep.

Our waitress was super sweet and gave us free dessert. She also asked if we were sisters, not because we look alike (because we don't) but because we constantly say the same exact thing at the same exact time. We do that...we have this "we're the same person" theory that we are working on. I'll get back to you guys when there is more scientific proof.

The drive home wasn't so bad. About halfway home we stopped at 5 below. Its this store that has a bunch of awesome sauce things for $5 or below. I picked up 2 makeup products that I will be reviewing for you guys. Once I got home I crashed, and I crashed hard. Next thing I know its 10 am on Sunday. 


My Sunday consisted of going to Waffle House with my Mom, Sister, and Cousin for breakfast, blogging, eating leftovers, and sitting on my butt. It was amazing.

Be sure to comment and let me know if you did the Weekend Recap! Sorry if this is really awkward or hard to follow. It is currently 1:02 am and I am trying to get this done before I have to be on set all day tomorrow when I will have absolutely no time to do this. Be sure to follow me on bloglovin for some awesome sauce reviews, tutorials, and other fun stuff!

Dateless in Dallas

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